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Mold Making (blow, injection, etc.)

CNC Custom Fabrications

Custom Designs and Engineering

Out of Shop (on-site) Mold Repairs and Machine Repairs

Dies, Gaging, Trimmers, and
Take-away Tooling



  • We produce molds that weigh up to 5 tons or as little as the smallest MUD unit.
  • Precision molds are available and we build molds of all classes, from Class 101(highest quality) to make over one million cycles, to a Class 105(most economical) for very short production runs..
  • We use inserted cavities and cores in our molds.  This makes repair and replacement easier, faster, and more economical for the customer due to reduced down time of mold.
  • Hardened inserts are easily made in-house with our programmable heat treat oven.
  • We have many types of cavity finishes available in-house. EDM can provide a slight texture and will form impossible to machine features.  Machine finishes make for a fast prototype or a billet look.  Polishing is the most common, along with EDM, for most customers.  You can decide what class of polish you want on your mold.  We work closely with a texturing shop to provide standard as well as custom texturing if needed.
  • Preventive maintenance programs are available that will keep your molds running in the best shape and shortest cycle times.  If you are running high production, we can keep a supply of known wear parts on hand for a quick PM turn-around.
  • If a mold is damaged or in need of modification, we have quality welding and repair for steels and aluminum.  With a known base material we can guarantee the weld against cracking and porosity.

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