SEKTAM of Independence, Inc. - 120 S 24th St - Independence, KS 67301
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Mold Making (blow, injection, etc.)

CNC Custom Fabrications

Custom Designs and Engineering

Out of Shop (on-site) Mold Repairs and Machine Repairs

Dies, Gaging, Trimmers, and
Take-away Tooling



  • We grind many different materials, from rubber to aluminum to hardened steels (ID, OD, and surface).  We have a variety of grinding wheels in stock, from open faced 46 grit wheels to diamond wheels.
  • There are two heat treat ovens in-house, programmable for exact heat treat cycles and double tempering.
  • Machining of exotic materials is commonplace with our wide range of coated cutting tools and high speed CNC mills.
  • We can do reverse engineering for any part or tool.
  • We make and repair punch and dies sets up to 60 x 60 (segmented) and not exceeding 5 tons.
  • A TIG welder is used for large repairs and we also have a micro welder for small areas.  With a known base metal, we can guarantee our welds against breakage and porosity. 
  • We can use our EDM's to remove broken bolts and taps. 
  • New wire EDM capability makes short work of punches, dies, and several types of gears.

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